19 Aug 2015

makeup minimalism

There is nothing wrong with makeup, liking makeup or collecting it. Makeup itself has hardly ever been my hobby, but I always liked having a good selection of makeup items at home. That selection turned into a large collection, so big that I had to purchase boxes to keep all that makeup in there.

16 Aug 2015

feelin' dandy by Benefit

I picked up this cute little set by Benefit a few days ago. I've used some of their products before and they are great for creating an easy, effortless look. I've never been a fan of their packaging, but I do appreciate their products more these days as in the end of the day, packaging is just another marketing tool.

26 Jul 2015

Essentials, favourites

After getting a Guerlain tinted lip balm from their upcoming autumn collection and being hugely disappointed with it, I went to a Bobbi Brown counter to get my favourite pot rouge and a red lipstick.