Saturday, 17 January 2015


I love chubby sticks, so I decided to try another lip product by Clinique. I've tried some before. For instance, Black Honey almost lipstick was sheer and pleasant on the lips, however I never fell in love with the shade. It was one of those sheer brown shades, it's meant to suit everyone, but it didn't do much to my face. The long lasting lipsticks by Clinique are too drying on me and the Butter Shines are too wet looking; the formula is not fine enough and seems dated. Different lipsticks are sheer but not that sheer that you can't see the colour. They are very comfortable on the lips. The packaging is absolutely beautiful, so fresh compared to the classic black and gold ones. It looks like a stylish little accessory. I like everything silver-toned. 
Heartfelt is a violety red in the tube and looks very dark. It also looks like if it's full of micro shimmers however I can't see them on the lips. The finish is natural and creamy. Whenever I see a Clinique lipstick, I think it will look too dark and yellow. This one is worth trying on the lips, especially if you wish to find something natural looking, close to a natural lip colour. It reminds me of Lancome Pense a Moi, but the Lancome one is much more saturated in colour. Clinique's Heartfelt is sheer like a wash of berry/cherry colour on the lips. It looks like a berry stain when layered with a lip balm. Overall, beautiful. Love this product. Plus, it's not as brown as Black Honey.


Yesterday I decided to pick up another shade of Clinique's chubby stick . I've had nearly all of them except for the brownish tones which don't look flattering on me. Chubby sticks are fantastic products, they are effortless and pretty. They look good on the lips, feel good and are everything I want from a lip colour. They are hydrating (really depends on the time of the year for me) and sheer. It's the only product I've repurchased (in different shades though) so many times that no other product compares. The other one might be Dior Addict lipstick, however the formula seems somewhat dated after they launched Dior Baume lipsticks that feel like lip balms. Even though Dior Addict range of colours of very impressive, the Baume formula is so good that I don't think I will be coming back to Dior Addict. However, chubby sticks by Clinique are still perfect. I must say I still prefer the classic formula (not the Intense one and not the Baby Tints). I wanted to get the Chunky Cherry chubby stick, but they didn't have it in stock so I was offered to get a little set of two, which contains the miniatures of Chunky Cherry and Curviest Caramel Intense. Chunky Cherry is a sheer pinky red. It's very similar to my natural lip colour, however it's slightly darker. It intensifies my natural lip colour. On me it looks daytime appropriate and fresh. It's creamy and sheer, no sparkly bits of any size. It's perfect. I would apply maximum two coats of colour on my lips, it's sheer and if I want something with more colour saturation, I would go for a Dior Baume in Lys Rouge which is a cool red.  

Clinique chubby stick in Chunky Cherry (05)
I wasn't planning to own Curviest Caramel (01) but it came in a set with Chunky Cherry. Curviest Caramel belongs to the Intense range which I didn't like too much as the whole point of the chubby sticks was to create something effortless and fresh looking. Intense ones are just like proper lipsticks and feel so on the lips. The colours also seem too heavy and somewhat dull to me. I've had one before and I was barely using it. However, Curviest Caramel is nice. I try to stay away from anything that has the word "caramel" in it as I imagine the colour being an orangy brown, too yellow for me. I've seen pictures of Curviest Caramel online and it looked completely different on everyone. I thought it'd look rather orange on me and nothing orange looks good with my complexion. On white paper it looks like a flesh tone, intense nude, brownish colour with dusty pinky-peachy tones to it. It's hard to describe, but it's not brown and not orange. On my skin it looks like a peachy pink nude. On my lips it looks like a dusty rose with some warmth in it. This shade will look different on everyone, I would recommend not to rely on any photos and just try it yourself. It's a truly beautiful and flattering shade.
Clinique chubby stick Intense in Curviest Caramel (01)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Rouge Baume by Dior is one of the most luxurious formulas I've tried. It feels like nothing on the lips yet it's hydrating and absolutely beautiful. It looks even and comes off evenly, leaving a tint behind. The only thing I don't like about the range is the range of colours, I wasn't really attracted to any other one. Lys Rouge is a sheer cool red which can be layered to achieve more saturation however when freshly applied in just two coats it looks very luminous and believable. 


Rose Chimeric (51) is a light warm milky pink with no visible sparkles or shimmers. It's such a beautiful colour in the tube and when freshly applied, however it settles in the lip lines. It's hydrating and feels like a balm on the lips. It's lightly scented, smells sweet but not overpowering. I like wearing it at home instead of a lip balm but it doesn't do much in terms of colour. It adds a touch of warmth to my lips and evens out the colour. So, it doesn't look like anything. It doesn't brighten up my complexion and doesn't do much in general. If that's something you are looking for or you are after a natural look for the daytime, it's a nice lip gloss from Bourjois. 


Girls' Night Out (30) by Clinique is a cool light pink with lots of tiny light pink sparkles. It's a very girly shade and I bought it because it reminded me of the lip glosses I used to fancy when I was a teenager. I got mine when they were about to launch in Debenhams and unfortunately there were no testers available. I loved the colour range. This particular one is barely noticeable on the lips. It does give a veil of cool milky pink colour but the natural colour of the lips overpowers it and the gloss looks almost clear. The sparkles are, well, sparkly in the sunlight, and there are lots of them. The gloss is long lasting and Clinique were not joking about it, it is slightly longer lasting than my usual lip gloss like a Chanel glossimer. It does feel sticky to me. It's not too sticky that it feels very uncomfortable, but it's thick and feels somewhat like a coat of a lip gloss on the lips, which I don't personally like. If you don't mind the feeling, I would suggest giving it a go. I am not a big fan of long lasting lip products at all as none of the ones I tried feel comfortable enough.