Thursday, 26 March 2015


I rarely purchase YSL products, as I don't associate myself with the brand, it seems too black & gold, too much to me. However my friend and classmate from China loves YSL and always gets the most recent release from the brand. When I asked her what she likes about YSL, she old me that unlike Shiseido and Bobbi Brown, YSL is a truly luxurious brand. Her other favourite brand is Dior. I suppose it's a personal preference, but most of the Chinese ladies I know like European high-end brands. This Kiss & Blush lip tint and blush was a gift from that Chinese girl. She wanted a coral tinted one for herself and  she thought that this one might be a good choice for me. From all the YSL products I've ever tried, this one seems the most useful. It's a multitasking product and the signature scent is not as pronounced. I haven't got the packaging anymore, but as I remember it's silicon based, so it's easy to spread and it feels smooth. I mostly use it as a lip tint. No 10 is a warm, medium, almost rosewood nude. I never wear the same colour on my lips and cheeks, as the effect would look too monochrome. This kiss & blush tint is very pigmented, but not hydrating at all. Overall, it's a nice product to play with especially if you like YSL.


Fleur d'eau (192) is a bright coral red. Glossimer formula is still my favourite lip gloss formula on the market and I'm glad to see a glossimer with a  jelly finish, without any sparkles. It doesn't look as bright on the lips, instead, it gives a lively red coral tint and a polished look which is perfect for spring/summer season. I've never liked lip products with a high level of pigmentation or alot of sparkles, especially because I prefer a natural, minimal make up look. Overall, Fleur d'eau is a great product.

Monday, 23 March 2015


I have recently tried a couple of Trilogy lip balms, one of them is Rosehip Oil lip balm and the other was a limited edition  (Holiday Lip Balm). The Holiday lip balm has a cinnamon fragrance and a light red tint. Both are pleasant and lightly hydrating. The Rosehip Oil lip balm has a minty scent to it. It's made in New Zealand. I like Trilogy brand, and especially their rosehip oil, however I was not very impressed with the lip balms. They are good products, but not as effortless as some other ones. First of all, I don't like the tube packaging. It takes a bit of time for the Rosehip Oil lip balm to melt into the lips, so you would need to massage it into your lips, which might not be hygienic on the go. It is hydrating, but no more hydrating than Burt's Bees or Caudalie lip balms. The Holiday Lip Balm has a red tint to it, which is not noticeable on my lips. I find it to be the issue with many tinted natural products, in general, they are not performing as well as the mainstream cosmetics. I enjoy using natural skincare, and even find it better than some mainstream products, however I've no yet tried any natural coloured product that would be as good as a mainstream alternative when it comes to a product's performance, such as staying power and texture. I've not yet tried high-end natural brands such as Ilia beauty or Vapour Organic beuty, but as long as my skin doesn't react to mainstream cosmetics, I am happy using them. 

Trilogy Holiday Balm

In general, there's a debate regarding natural vs non-natural ingredients in cosmetics. Mintel report that consumers are becoming more aware of the green credentials of the products, the affects of the production on the environment and the environment on the consumers' skin. To be perfectly honest, just by seeing the growing number of natural and organic beauty brands  you can tell that the market is not saturated and there are many opportunities for companies to explore this space. There are more affordable brands (such as Lavera) and high-end brands (such as Tata Harper). The companies clearly see the opportunity to grow via the well-being and natural sectors. When Unilever decided to acquire REN, to me it was a sign of a multinational company taking the market of natural cosmetics seriously and trying to incorporate this idea into their strategy. Unilever themselves are not against synthetic ingredients, you can find their statement here. They state that using man-made ingredients is actually better for the environment. I find it interesting how some consumers care about the environment and at the same time tend to refuse to use man-made ingredients. Either way, it's an individual's choice. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Not long ago Unilever stated that they are going to acquire REN skincare brand. You can read about it here. I've done a few essays and projects on Unilever for my degree this year, and I admire this company, especially their long and interesting history and their new sustainability strategy. It's always good to see a large multinational as Unilever trying to incorporate some ethics into their business operations.  Personally I believe they should go into natural beauty/skincare, especially now when they decided to focus more on personal care rather than their food division. Also, REN is more "high-end" than Unilever's usual Dove or Vaseline. I don't really associate Unilever with natural/organic or high end beauty, but this is a good opportunity for them to use their R&D and networking to become successful in these areas. Plus, the company image itself comes across as pleasant and friendly. They own over 400 brands, so most of us would be accustomed to some of Unilever products anyway. I also hope that Unilever will use their capabilities to strengthen REN, I've used some of their products before (the range for sensitive skin) and they were very good.

Monday, 16 March 2015


A few days ago the University of Derby organized a tour around the local iPro football stadium for the students. It was my first time at iPro (named after a sports drink); it's impressive to see something so large with almost no people inside. They were trying to show that there's more to football than just football itself; there's marketing, accounting, partnerships etc. Even though sports industry is not my cup of tea, I'm glad I went there.