Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Just in time for colder months I decided to get a Clinique's Chubby Stick tinted lip balm. Chubby sticks are twist-up chubby pencils. I've had many of them in the past and I find them handy. They are nicely pigmented, they look simple and are easy to use. I wouldn't say they are very moisturising but they feel nice on the lips and even though some of you might find them hydrating, I find them pleasant and not drying which is good enough for my lips that require lip balm application many times a day. Bountiful Blush is a healthy nude (warm pinky/browny blush). Another shade that I really like from the range is Heaping Hazelnut which is a good nude for me but I do prefer something slightly more brightenings for autumn/winter when my skin looks paler. These days when I'm looking for a colour I try to match it to Bobbi Brown pot rouge in Rose which I find perfect for myself. Bountiful Blush is somewhat similar but of course it's less pigmented and Rose is slightly peachier. For those who find Bountiful Blush too pink, there is Fuller Fig which looks warmer to me (with a little more brown as well). 

In general, I do like the original chubby sticks from Clinique as they are so fuss free and are not fragranced. I keep coming back to them and in total I've probably had around 10 of them already. The range of colours is impressive and there's something for everyone. There are Intense chubby sticks too which I'm not a fan of as I'd rather go for a proper lipstick if I need some more pigmentation. There's also a new version of chubby sticks called baby tints, which are even less pigmented than the original chubby sticks but the colour develops on your lips (the technology sounds similar to Dior lip glow balm). I do not like products that develop colours especially because they all turn out to be some sort of magenta pink on my lips which is the colour I personally really dislike as it looks artificial and doesn't go well with my skintone and style in general. 

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose (left) and Clinique Chubby Stick in Bountiful Blush (right)

Clinique Chubby Stick in Bountiful Blush

Saturday, 6 September 2014


This September I'm going back to uni. I'm trying to organize my wardrobe and makeup bag in a simple and effective way so I don't have to spend too much time thinking of what I shall be wearing. As for my makeup, I decided to keep the everyday and party essentials and try not to collect too many products that I would be only using a couple of times a month. Which means I am much more careful selecting colours, textures and formulas. I'm going to stop experimenting with the brands I don't normally buy from. 

Some of my essentials include a foundation, blush, brow gel and mascara. This is what I normally use every day. Eyeshadows, bronzer, highlighter and eyeliner are just optional for me personally. I love my lip products but I can certainly skip a lipstick or a lip gloss in the morning. I can even skip mascara but I would always apply some tint on my face (BB cream, powder foundation, tinted moisturiser, all work well!) to even out the skintone, a blush and a brow gel. 

My current favourite products are a blush from Estee Lauder and a brow cream/gel from Bobbi Brown. I've been using Estee Lauder blushes since I first started using makeup many years ago and I still consider them to be really good. The shade I bought recently is Sensuous Rose which is a light peachy/pinky nude. I wish it had a touch more pink in it but nevertheless, it's a beautiful easy-to-wear everyday shade for someone with light skintone. It's super elegant and never looks overdone or like you are wearing too much makeup. It's got a satin finish. 

I replaced my MAC brow gel with the one from Bobbi Brown. Even though the Bobbi Brown brow gel is tiny, it's definitely better than MAC's as it's creamier and drier in general which makes it easy to apply it. The brush is tiny which is great. Mine is called Rich Brown (a warm medium brown shade). I use it with MAC's Lingering brow pencil but I've recently got a Mahogany pencil from Bobbi Brown which is darker but seems more neutral. It doesn't take long to slightly fill in the brows and tint/set them with a brow gel but it really makes a difference. When a touch of blush adds a healthy flush to the face, the brow gel makes the brows look groomed and polished.

Monday, 1 September 2014


There are many products I like from Bobbi Brown range but recently I've been loving these two for a simple daytime makeup look. I do like Bobbi Brown eyeshadows alot and I find them long-lasting and overall beautiful. On me they last longer than Chanel's duos. My favourite colour currently is Champagne, a light golden beige, perfect for lightly highlighting the eyelid for a no makeup look. It evens out the skintone of the eyelids and adds a touch of light satiny sheen. This particular shades belongs to the Shimmer wash eye shadow range but I'd rather describe it as a pearly satin. Overall it's a perfect eyeshadow range with beautiful colours for anyone. The other product that I like it a Golden Light bronzer. It is officially described as a "light tan" which is pretty accurate. It's a perfect bronzer for someone with a light skintone as it simply adds a touch of fuss free warmth to the skin. It's matte, easy to blend. There's no pink in this bronzer so I'd say it's better used with a blusher for a healthy and glowing look. The next product I'm going to try is a Maui illuminating bronzer which looks more like a delicate pinky coral shimmery blusher. 

Bobbi Brown Champagne eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown Golden Light bronzer

Bobbi Brown Golden Light bronzer ingredients

Bobbi Brown Champagne eyeshadow ingredients


A couple of weeks ago I decided to try some new skincare. After giving a go to many high-end brands like Clinique, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Lancome etc and also some "natural" skincare brands I decided to come back to French pharmacie brands like La Roche-Posay as many of them offer skincare ranges for sensitive skin. This year I had to deal with an eczema come-back as well as extra sensitivity of my skin after the eczema was almost gone. Many creams that are designed to relieve the symptoms of eczema are very emollient and even unpleasant to use as they are normally overloaded with mineral oil and are supposed to leave a film on your skin to protect it from drying out. I stopped using any "natural" skincare products because many of them contain fragrant oils (citrus, lavender, peppermint etc) which can be irritating for a sensitive skin like mine. 

A-Derma is a Pierre Fabre brand just like Avene is. I am not a big fan of Avene as everything I tried from that brand didn't really make any difference to my skin and I don't like the scent of most of their products. I have tried the green range from A-Derma before but it was so long ago that I barely remember it. Recently I discovered the pink range from A-Derma which is designed for sensitive skin. I've got a Sensifluid creamy cleanser (which I like) and makeup remover and a Hydralba Light hydrating cream. Even though many skincare brands try to avoid adding fragrances to their products for sensitive skin, this cream does contain a fragrance but I've not experienced any allergic reaction. I've been using it for two weeks by now and so far, I'm very pleased with it. It is excellent under makeup, it's very light and absorbs quickly. The packaging is pretty too. Overall, it's an inexpensive and effective moisturiser for someone who's got normal/combination skin type. I believe that it would not provide enough hydration for dry skin. There's the original Hydralba cream too which must be richer, I haven't yet tried this one but I am going to buy one for the winter time!

Hydralba Light hydrating cream ingredients

Friday, 29 August 2014


It's been a long time since I decided to try a Pot Rouge from Bobbi Brown. They've been around for years but never attracted me enough to want to own one of those. I'm not a big fan of cream blushes in general as I find the application more time-consuming. I've been using powder blushes for years, basically when I first started to use makeup and for me personally, a blush is a must. I've got light skin and brown eyes and hair. Such a contrast often requires a touch of blusher/bronzer. 

I came to see a Bobbi Brown team in John Lewis to find a good bronzer. Their range is perfect for anyone so I never have difficulties choosing something fuss free, elegant and wearable. I do like Bobbi Brown makeup philosophy and in general, if you don't follow trends or want to look natural and polished, Bobbi Brown is a good brand to consider. It's one of Estee Lauder brands and I like Estee Lauder brand portfolio alot. 

While browsing the range of makeup at Bobbi Brown counter I looked into Pot Rouge cream colours again and I thought that it's time to try one of those on. I liked the Rose colour immidiately as it's a different kind of rose colour. Every company means different things when they create something that contains the word "rose" in the name. Brighter cool/mauve rosy pinks come to mind and these colours don't go well with my slightly warmer colouring. Bobbi Brown's Rose, however, is a natural medium rose colour with a hint of brown or terracotta. The more you blend it the sheerer it becomes. Originally it's very pigmented. By the way, the official description of the colour is "a pink rose". To be honest, there's not much pink in it, unless pink is a paler red in this case! It's such a wonderful and flattering colour that I bought that Pot Rouge immidiately and started wearing it the next day. I believer it will suit so many but I would definitely recommend one of those for someone who's got abit of yellow in their skintone and green or brown eyes. Pot Rouge in Rose is beautiful as a lip stain and a blush. It's not really long lasting, but it wears off evenly. I normally don't like long-lasting products as they tend to be heavier and less hydrating. I'm not a big fan of Bobbi Brown packaging as if I compare it to Chanel packaging I think Chanel do a better job. However, it's still simple, functional and sleek.