Monday, 21 July 2014


Estee Lauder Crystal Nude, Dior Grege 1947, Lancome Rouge in Love in 240M

Lancome Rouge in Love in 240M
After not using Lancome makeup for a few months I decided to come back to it and picked up one of their Rouge in Love lipsticks again. To be honest, it's not one of my favourite formulas, but the range of colours is so attractive! Rose en Deshabille 240M is a peachy beige with a hint of pink in it and lots of silver sparkles which give it a very glossy finish on the lips especially if you apply a few coats, it actually looks like you are wearing a lip gloss on top! I personally find these lipsticks not hydrating enough and not as luxurious as the l'Absolu formula. Unfortunately the nudes from the l'Absolu Rouge range are not really calling my name, they are either too brown or too dark or too shimmery. Rose en Deshabille is similar to Dior's Grege 1947 but the Dior formula is definitely much better, creamier and finer in general. The packaging of Lancome Rouge in Love is so beautiful though! The finish of Rose en Deshabille reminds me of Clinique's Butter Surge lipsticks which I didn't like as they were not fine in texture whatsoever and didn't feel luxurious enough on the lips. I will still be using my Rose en Deshabille lipstick but I much prefer my current favourites from Estee Lauder Crystal range. 


In the middle of summer I decided to be brave enough to try a daring almost neon peachy pink shade. I went for a nail colour from Lancome as even their brights look very feminine and pretty rather than loud. I love everything about Lancome nail varnishes, especially the formula and the size. The brush is easy to use and not too big for my super short nails. The range of colours is really good as well, from the most neutral everyday shades to bright and trendy colours to classic reds. 

Monday, 14 July 2014


Even though I've never been a MAC addict, I do shop there from time to time. With their products it's so easy to create a makeup wardrobe, as their range of colours is fantastic and there's definitely something for everyone. MAC stores are rather makeup heaven as opposed to more tailored collections of Chanel or Lancome (or any other high-end brand). One thing that put me off MAC once and for a long time was the scent of their lipsticks. Lipsticks are essential makeup to me personally and very often I start buying from a particular brand because their lipsticks are fantastic. MAC colours are so tempting but the fake minty vanilla fragrance is always in the way. To be perfectly honest, I don't like their lip products at all.

My favourite MAC products would be their blushes, eyeshadows and pencils. Their blushes are very fine and last all day (even longer than my current favourites from Chanel), the eyeshadows come in all kinds of finishes and colours. The pencil range is very impressive and the quality is as good as Estee Lauder's.

This time I went for a blush in Desert Rose (matte), Arena eyeshadow (satin) and a brow pencil in Lingering. Desert Rose is a medium reddish dirty rose which looks pretty dark on its own but once applied and sheered out it gives you the most beautiful and fresh flush. Arena is a wash of amber (a warm golden beige). It's different from my normal cool neutrals and creates a nice warm glow on the eylid. Lingering was recommended to me by a MAC advisor. He mentioned that Lingering is a good option for many as it's not too cool and not too warm. It's not my ideal colour as I'd like it to be rather ashy than beigy, but it still works. It's a twist up pencil, very similar to Clinique's fine brow liner, but the quality seems better as at least it doesn't break as easily as Clinique one does.
MAC blush in Desert Rose

MAC eyeshadow in Arena 

MAC brow pencil in Lingering

MAC blush in Desert Rose
MAC blush in Desert Rose (please click to see)

MAC eyeshadow in Arena (please click to see)

Sunday, 22 June 2014


There's nothing wrong with browsing Boots aisles from time to time. The Dove gradual tan hydrating lotion was recommended to me by a colleague. Her skintone is deeper than mine and she would normally use St. Moriz tanning mousse which gives her some fantastic results. I've used tanning lotions/creams before, from St. Tropez and Clarins, both took too long to dry and had that fake tan fragrance which I can't tolerate. Even though the results were great, I discontinued using them. This summer I've noticed it takes too long for me to get a tan so I decided to give Dove Summer Glow lotion a go. It's much more affordable than St. Tropez or Clarins I've used before, but I am very happy with it. It hydrates well and doesn't have any shimmer (which is a great advantage to me personally as I dislike shimmer on my body, or my face). It has a pretty strong fragrance to it, and even a hint of self tanning lotion scent, which is well concealed behind something very sweet but bearable. The fragrance lasts for many hours. I apply this lotion before I go to bed and only after I take a shower in the morning the scent will have disappeared. The tan is super subtle (but buildable over a few days). It works well with my skintone and never looks yellow or orange. It takes approximately 15-20 min to absorb and it's always better to take your time when you apply it evenly too, so it's time consuming but every now and again it's definitely worth it. 

Dove Summer Glow ingredients

The other two products I picked up in Boots are Aussie Curl Definition serum and Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly. I much prefer Curl Definition serum as the scent is pleasant and subtle, the serum is not sticky at all and to be honest, I use it whenever. I use it before I blowdry my hair, when I let it dry naturally, when I leave it naturally wavy or when I straigten my hair. I use it almost every day and it smoothes the hair and visually makes it glossy and sleek without making it over texturised or heavy. I do like this product alot. As for the Jelly from Umberto Giannini, I'm not a big fan of the packaging so I got a travel size tiny tube. It works well with wavy hair and slightly highlights the texture. The scent is pleasant and the results are good. Healthy wavy hair is naturally beautiful. Both of these products are just some little extras if you feel like something needs to be used. What I find interesting, I've had Percy&Reed Wonder Balm before and I really was not impressed with that product as I didn't notice any difference. I replaced it with Aussie Curl Definition which works so much better in so many ways.  

Friday, 20 June 2014


Originally I was not going to write anything about my recent experience with an Eyeko liquid eyeliner. The reason being, I got mine as a sample with a magazine and I was unsure about using it at all. Eyeko is a British company producing all sorts of eye make up like mascaras, lash curlers, eyeshadows, brow gels etc. I enjoy learning about niche brands like that and sometimes they bring something new and refreshing to the ever growing market of beauty. A great share of success of such brands is their marketing, from packaging to media. I do believe they are being very busy marketing their products which is great as long as the products are truly nice. To see if they are nice (or otherwise) you will have to try the product yourself. I would normally give any sample I receive with a magazine to one of my friends but this one I decided to keep and give it a go. I'd heard about Eyeko before I bought the magazine but was never tempted to try their products as there are certain brands of eye make up I trust and don't feel the need to discover any other ones. 

To be perfectly honest, this product did not impress me at all. It could be just the sample which was not high quality, or for any other reason, I find it can't compete with Lancome Liner Plume, for example. Eyeko liquid liner is a felt tip eyeliner. I found it to be very dry (even after I left it standing upside down for a day) and the distribution of colour very uneven. Liner Plume from Lancome (which is a very good option) is very saturated and delivers a rich black line as you line your eyes, you don't have to go back a few times to achieve the pricise line. The Eyeko one is not a product I'd like to have in my make up bag, unfortunately. The good thing is, it did not irritate my eyes in any way. I still hope that it's just a sample which does not represent the quality of the product itself (who knows!) so if you love your Eyeko liner and it works for you, please let me know!