Friday, 29 May 2015


Recently I decided to try a couple of products from the Japanese brand DHC. I don't think it's yet extremely popular in the UK however it's got loyal following in Asia and it's been available in the US for some time. 
I went for a Premium lipstick GE in RS105 (First Blush). RS105 is a medium dusty rosy pink colour. The formula is very smooth and lightly hydrating, something I was hoping to experience from Estee Lauder Envy lipsticks, which unfortunately didn't deliver. 
DHC lipsticks are made in Japan. The packaging is very cute and pretty as opposed to elegant and simple many European brands go for. Someone who enjoys medium to full coverage and very smooth application with satin finish will definitely like DHC lipsticks. 
There's nothing to dislike about the formula. The range of colors is not very impressive, however there are basic options available. I'm not a big fan of wide ranges of colour (especially when the range is designed for a normal customer who's not a makeup artist), but it's nice to have more options for light to medium skin tones. DHC produce another line of sheerer hydrating lipsticks too, I've not tried them yet. I got my lipstick from Escentual, their service is fantastic. 
Overall, the lipstick is beautiful and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this brand to anyone. My friend from China uses DHC and she also likes their skincare which I've not tried. 
Personally I prefer sheer lipsticks with barely here pigmentation (rather, a tinted lip balm). I know lots of ladies would prefer a lipstick with good pigmentation which DHC Premium lipstick GE offers. 
The DHC mascara is great. The brush is unusually tiny and slim, which is easy to use, especially if you've got shorter eyelashes or if you wish to apply mascara on lower lashes. The colour is intense, classic black. I used to use Clinique mascaras daily, however in warm weather they tend not to wear as long on me. The more long wearing mascaras (such as Chanel or Dior) are more difficult to take off. DHC mascara is washed off with warm water. To me this means that I don't have to use extra eye makeup remover which is great. 
DHC lipstick ingredients

Monday, 20 April 2015


I have recently picked up this little set by L'Occitane. It also contains a soap bar which is not shown on the picture above. 
I decided to get this set because I tried their cherry blossom fragrance which I loved. It's very rare when I like a fragrance so much that I would repurchase it, but this one is exceptional. It's light, floral and feminine. It's a great fragrance for warm summer days or weekends at home. 
L'Occitane has a beautiful brand image. Their products are pleasant, often with a vintage feel to them. I've tried many of their products before and I love the shea butter range. As for the set, my favourite products would be the perfume miniature and the shower gel.The shower gel leaves a hint of a scent on the skin. The body lotion contains tiny shimmery bits in it (it's called a shimmering lotion). Even though I like the texture and the scent, I prefer my body lotions to contain no shimmer. It's fun to use, but I only use the body lotion in the evening, so the shimmer is not functional. The hand cream has the same nice scent to it, however I much prefer the original hand cream by L'Occitane. I also find it more hydrating. 
Overall, I might  be slightly biased, as I like L'Occitane alot, but I would recommend at least trying their textures and scents in their stores which are beautiful.

Sunday, 12 April 2015


A couple of weeks ago I gave myself a promise to introduce some kind of a concept to my wardrobe in order to make it more functional (the post is here). When I was a teenager I used to experiment with different styles, cuts and colours. I used to travel much more often and every country used to inspire me to wear some certain palettes or styles. For instance, I bought many bright clothes in Holland and many neutral coloured simple pieces in Sweden. 

When I moved to the UK for some reason my style changed to something eclectic. I didn't own anything casual enough I could wear to walk my dog. I live in a small city in England where people are OK with wearing casual clothes or something from an outdoor shops, which is fine, but I wasn't used to it. Clearing out my large makeup collection forced me to think that I could do the same to my home and my wardrobe. Home was very easy, because I don't own many things (I rarely buy anything for the house, and if I do it must be essential). As for my wardrobe, I looked at the colours that I like the most (white, black and navy) and shapes I like, and got rid of the rest. Now my wardrobe consist of approximately 20 items and I've never been happier. It takes me a few seconds to choose an outfit in the morning (or any other time of the day if I need to), it just makes everything clear. I don't miss the items I don't own anymore. 

It also makes shopping easier. Having a minimalism-inspired wardrobe doesn't mean that you can't go shopping anymore. If you need to buy a special occasion outfit, go for it. However you will see clearly which colours you love the most and what will fit in. For instance, I don't look into any bright colours while shopping, just because I know they don't go well with my style and the items I own. 

Thursday, 9 April 2015


This post will be one of the last posts about my current attempt to get an MSc degree from the University of Derby. I will be presenting this mini-project on Monday. In my previous posts I have spoken about the MSc in general and the modules.The studies are coming to an end and we've got just a few assignments left to complete. 

The dissertation (or the Independent Study) is the most important work we've got to do. It's an individual research (approximately 18000 words or less). Research is a broad term, there are many methods and approaches, they will depend on what you are trying to achieve and of course, the area of your interest. Our course is called International Business and Finance, so the students are writing about corporate social responsibility, attitudes to financial products, financial crisis, online shopping, knowledge transfer and so on. The main thing about the dissertation is that it's a very narrow area of knowledge. You pick something and explore it. You will probably research others' research first, see what the authors got to say, identify the main trends in the literature and see the gap in the knowledge and try to make a contribution, which can also be theoretical. 

My supervisor told me to start with the news and see what's current and interesting. Probably not the general news from the local newspaper, but sources such as Forbes, BBC, WSJ and so on. I had difficulties choosing a topic because this MSc takes a year to complete, so as soon as we started we had to think of a topic for the dissertation. It had to contain a "financial" element, but this year was the first time I studied finance specifically. As soon as I discovered behavioral finance, I knew I'd be looking into it. Either way, the supervisor can assist you with finding a topic, but it should be interesting to you personally, because you will be researching it for a few months, and will probably be working in this area afterwords. 

After you select a topic, you should write a dissertation proposal, then an ethical approval (we submitted ours in the end of February) and then you are free to write the dissertation. The supervisor will be assisting you and helping you concentrate on the topic. I saw one of my lecturers yesterday and she said it's better to complete small pieces of work and let the supervisor see them to make sure you are not deviating from the subject and not writing about anything that is not relevant.  

So far, I have only got a draft of my literature review. My supervisor asked me to look at what different authors got to say about this subject and identify the main areas and then link them together. One of my friends has selected a number of articles and books he wants to revise for the literature review and he's working his way through that pile. I prefer to look through as many relevant sources as I can (articles, books, papers, statements, interviews etc). This way I learn a lot about the area I'm interested in. However there's no perfect way. I believe everyone can find their own :)


Burt's Bees lip balms are great; they are some of my most favorite balms on the market. I don't buy much from the brand as many of their products are heavily scented (even if the scent comes from the essential oils, it's still a fragrance) and I find the textures to be too heavy. Nevertheless, the brand itself has a pleasant "green" (natural) image. My current favourite balms are the  Honey one and the Ultra Conditioning balm with kokum butter. The Ultra Conditioning balm (the silver cap) is very silky and hydrating, it feels great on the lips. Those balms are 100% natural, according to Burt's Bees.