9 Feb 2016

Going makeup-free. Day 5

I have done over 1/2 of my "no makeup challenge"! To be honest, I'm feeling great without makeup and I start wondering if I need to go back to it and incorporate it into my morning routine. It seems somewhat pointless. I feel exactly the same, but spend less time getting ready in the morning and also less time on cleansing my face in the evening. 
In the past two days I've seen a hairdresser and a dentist, and none of them said anything about me not wearing makeup. It was also the time when I finally decided to get braces to correct the gap between the front teeth. 
I would highly recommend the "no makeup challenge"!

8 Feb 2016

Going makeup-free. Day 4

Overnight I tried another sample I received from Naturisimo with my order. This cream from Madara has a somewhat strong scent of birch wood. I found it tingling on my skin and also slightly sticky, which I don't like. Even though I couldn't see any signs of irritation in the morning, I won't be purchasing the full size. I've used up the rest of the cream on my hands and the scents lasts for a while. The scent comes from natural ingredients, but they can also be irritating. I've got another sample from Madara, which is their micellar water, but I'm not sure I will be using it on my face , it contains aloe juice (it's a great ingredient for many sensitive skins, but not for me, I find it irritating) and rose water, which also irritates my skin. I personally much prefer skincare with rosehip, almond, jojoba and argan oils. 
I've not worn any makeup for a few days already. I've noticed that the pores are in a better condition and argan oil is working really well as a moisturiser. My eyebrows started to grow back and look messy at the  moment, but I hope that they will be in their original state in a couple of weeks, as an eyebrow pencil is the item I miss the most! 
I have also made a decision to go back to my plant based diet. Normally, my skin reacts positively to it, so I'm expecting some changes in my skin :)

7 Feb 2016

Going makeup-free. Day 3

Today is day 3 of my "no-makeup-challenge"! So far, it's going really well. I went to a cafe and did some shopping. I haven't noticed any changes in people's attitudes towards me. What I miss the most is probably my eyebrow pencil, in that bright shopping mall light my face looks even paler and my eyebrows also look pale. I use argan oil on them (doesn't take any extra time as I use argan oil as a moisturiser). My skin hasn't changed, but there's less redness. I'm even thinking of stopping wearing foundation for the next month to let the skin renew and see/evaluate the results. Foundation is something I normally wear and these days I'm starting to ask myself why. 
I've booked an appointment with my hairdresser. My everyday hairstyle is a bun and sometimes a ponytail. Whenever I wear makeup I think I don't need to style my hair in any special way. Now I don't wear makeup, I style my hair every day. 
I have seen some articles online about ladies not feeling confident without makeup. I can see why wearing makeup would make someone feel more confident, but I also find it odd that we need to "buy" this confidence. I think confidence should be an internal factor. Of course, external environment can influence our confidence, for instance, a colleague genuinely admiring our work would possibly make us feel more confident, but I certainly don't trust those companies (such as L'Oreal) to regulate the level of confidence I have, just because my confidence is the last thing they care about. I'm sure there are other things that empower us and make us feel confident and I would rather concentrate on those.